Cracker Barrel Underestimates Redneck Patron Base. Decides Not to Take “Cracker” out of Title of Restaurant after All.

30 Dec

LEBANON, TENNESSEE – Recently after Phil Robertson’s gaffe, Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Old Country Store initially decided to distance itself from Duck Dynasty’s patriarch and appealing to a more high-brow audience, decided to change its name from Cracker Barrel to just “The Barrel.” Said their CEO, “We’re just tired of the redneck thing.” They even started to replace corn bread with caviar, catering to a more sophisticated palate. With the intended name change, failed Presidential candidate turned Fox favorite host, Mike Huckabee, voiced their decision, much like their food, “left a bad taste” in his mouth.

So after much deliberation, Cracker Barrel recanted and brought things back to the status quo. However, they may have overcompensated with their servers now being allowed to wear camouflage and not shower nor shave before going on duty to wait tables.

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