Miley Cyrus: A “Child” Star No More

26 Aug

NEW YORK – We knew her as the sweet, innocent, and precocious Hannah Montana from her years on the Disney Channel; until now.

As of last night on the MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus has officially claimed and owned her sexuality as a woman.

She had a chat with Lady Gaga before the show and was given tips by the outrageous and unpredictable star on how to let her freak flag fly. What we all saw before our eyes when she performed was a whirlwind display of pent-up, repressed sexual energy.

A foam hand made an appearance in her performance and was placed and rubbed provocatively and suggestibly between Miley’s legs frequently during her routine.

Said her beaming father, Billy Ray Cyrus after the number, “She made my achy, breaky heart swell with pride.”

The foam hand she used as a prop has now been auctioned off at Southeby’s in an internet auction for charity going to an anonymous bidder under the username HeavyBreather4U who bought the item for $5,000 dollars.

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