Huma Abedin’s Marriage Vows Revealed

12 Aug

Huma Abedin's Marriage Vows Revealed

NEW YORK – Since Anthony Weiner’s bad behavior has become public, his wife has stuck by his side. Many of us have wondered why, like Tammy Wynette, she has “stood by her man;” until now. Apparently, she had known about this behavior before they said “I do.”

They had a private ceremony. Only close friends and family were in attendance. The following was included in her marriage vows to her husband and is the reason she has not yet filed for divorce:

“I, Huma Abedin, promise to love you, Anthony Weiner, in sickness and in health. Even if that sickness involves an impulsive, uncontrollable, fetish exhibitionism that causes you to lose your job. Specifically, I promise to love you even if you unintentionally and publicly tweet a picture of yourself in your underwear sporting an erect penis. Furthermore, I promise to love you even if you do it yet again but this time the pic is of your junk with no underwear on and it is sent by you under a Mexican-sounding username on a social networking site called Formspring.”

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