Official Transcript Of George Zimmerman’s Visit To A Psychic Released

30 Jul

Official Transcript Of George Zimmerman's Visit To A Psychic Released

SANFORD, FLORIDA – We are all familiar with the story about George Zimmerman gunning down Trayvon Martin. What you may not be aware of is that he visited a psychic shortly afterward to determine how to remain safe amidst death threats and people wishing him ill. The psychic he went to is the kind that records her sessions and when she found out who he was, she was kind enough to release the transcript to us here at Unreal News. Here, for the first time, is that transcript.

Zimmerman: You’ve got to help me. I did something I shouldn’t have and now there are people who want to kill me. Can you tell me what is going to happen to me so I can avoid anyone’s intent to do me harm?

Ms. Zelda: Yes. Yes. I see a lot of anger, hatred, and disgust aimed at you and in your general direction.

Zimmerman: Well, I kind of figured that. What does my future look like?

Ms. Zelda: You have eluded prison time and the justice system once. But…

Zimmerman: Yes??

Ms. Zelda: I see…

Zimmerman: Yes??

Ms. Zelda: I see….

Zimmerman: Just tell me already!

Ms. Zelda: I see that in 18 years, you will be tried, convicted, and sentenced to 33 years on robbery, assault, and kidnapping charges.

Zimmerman: Like what? Like O.J.?

Ms. Zelda: Yes.

Zimmerman: Well, this is awful news.

Ms. Zelda: Yes. Ms. Zelda see everything. Come back tomorrow if you want to know who this season’s bachelorette picks.

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