“Bee” Massive, Male Enhancement Product Recalled

4 Jul

A recent product which claimed to make men’s penises bigger has been taken off the shelves and their commercials removed from the airwaves. The device which was a cardboard box filled with live bees asks you to punch out the hole in the end and insert your erect penis in it. The instructions then told you to “shake the box vigorously” which would then anger the bees and prompt them to sting your penis. This was their solution to an unsatisfactorily small penis. When it came down to it, the manufacturer has gone on record claiming, “I really don’t see what the problem is. Our product works. Your penis will get bigger while being pumped and inflamed by bee venom. Our slogan on the box is very up front, straightforward, and honest. ‘No pain. No gain.’ is what we claim. I really don’t see what the big deal is.” The Product Safety Commission says otherwise, calling this product, “A worse hazard than lawn darts.”

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