Maker of Popular App, Words With Friends Unveils New Game

24 Apr

Maker of Popular App, Words With Friends Unveils New Game

Words With Friends has become a modern classic with folks with smart phones everywhere. It’s a game for young and old alike. It has become so popular that the maker of the game has teamed up with T.V. psychologist, Dr. Phil to create Words With Enemies. The concept is you add people with whom you don’t get along that well in order to improve your relationship. The board has no edges and is nearly eternal in all four directions. Each player is given an unlimited amount of all letters of the alphabet to use in each turn. Instead of one word at a time, each participant will create an “I feel” statement to attempt to vent and repair damaged and broken relationships and the statements will be connected, like Words With Friends, perpendicularly across the board. People trying to work on their marriage, estranged co-workers, and in-laws everywhere are flocking in droves to the new game. “Relationships are important; some more than others and Words With Enemies is giving people who have had a disagreement a fresh, new start.” said Dr. Phil. Repairing relationships is the purpose of the game, but when people start the game it usually results in the kind of arguments that occur between complete strangers scrawled on bathroom stalls hurling profanity-laced insults and ethnic slurs at each other. When this was pointed out to the sponsor of the game, Dr. Phil blamed the idea on Oprah.

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