Stacey Campfield: The “Wright” (sic) Choice

15 Apr

Stacey Campfield: The “Wright” (sic) Choice

Knoxville, TN – Recently,Tennessee Senator, Stacey Campfield embarrassed himself when on his personal facebook profile, he posted the status update, “I don’t really see why politicians would think that people would like to read books they wright (sic) about their time in office.” The Metro Pulse found out about this social faux pas and named his status update as their quote of the week in their newspaper. He read about it, got mad, and threatened to sue. Apparently, he didn’t learn from his mistake. He recently boldly, firmly, and unwaveringly stated his position on a facebook status update on an issue, concluding with the words “I know I’m wright (sic).” This resulted in a myriad of comments laughing, snickering, and jeering at his error, to which he replied, “I don’t know what’s so funny, but you’d better stop and stop it wright (sic) now.” To which, as you might have guessed, there was even further backslapping laughter. When asked to comment on his foibles, he declined to comment saying that he had better things to do such as trying to decide on his upcoming campaign slogan. He said he was trying to decide between “Stacy Campfield: The Wright (sic) Stuff.” “Stacey Campfield: All The Wright (sic) Moves.” And his favorite at this point, “Stacey Campfield: The Wright (sic) Candidate At The Wright (sic) Time.”

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