Zuckerberg on Parenting

10 Apr

Zuckerberg on Parenting

“You should really limit the number of kids you allow your child to become friends with. Oh. And also try to make sure they shy away from meeting and making too many friends too quickly. You are the parent. You should set boundaries. And if your kids break these rules you have set for them, you should cut them off from being eposed to new kids altogether for a while. Then, and only then will they realize you mean business.” said Mark Zuckerberg, creator of facebook. Television psychologist, Dr. Phil had other things to say. “Mark Zuckerberg is an idiot,” he said. “Children are naturally social creatures and like adults, should be given the freedom to interact with and make as many friendships as they like. If this man wants to sire and raise children using this approach and philosophy, he should be given a mandatory vascectomy and be banned from adopting.”

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