It’s Not Mine. It’s Urine.

29 Mar

It's Not Mine. It's Urine.

P. Diddy recently said that he used to wet the bed until long after most kids stop doing so. He said that now that he is secure in himself and all that he has accomplished, he can say this with virtually no embarrassment. He elaborated, “In fact, I have been planning this moment out for a while using the evolution of my names. I came to the scene as Sean “Puffy” Combs and didn’t feel quite able to reveal this about myself then. So, then I tried changing my name to Puff Daddy and wasn’t quite yet ready then to say it either. Then, one day, I finally knew I was ready. So I changed my name to P. Diddy. And the rest is history.” Some people say this, like the changing of his names is all just a made up publicity stunt. So, the question remains. Pee? Did he?

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