Sir Mix-A-Lot Starts “We The People” Petition to Incarcerate Leandro Carvalho, Creator of Brazil Butt Lift Workout

24 Mar

sir mix a lotThis is completely unnatural. The first time I saw his commercial while I was flipping through the channels late one night, …I was like “Aw, hell no. No. He didn’t.” I am a staunch supporter of healthy women and no woman should be expected to tighten up that butt. This goes against human nature. I really do think that psychologically what he is doing to the female psyche is not only unhealthy, but criminal as well. If he shouldn’t be incarcerated, he should at least take this product off of television. Apparently, Sir Lot is not alone. The petition which was started only yesterday is nearing the amount of signatures needed to get an official response from the White House. Personally, I think the President agrees with me and is on my side. I mean, Michelle’s got a big ass so I think the President can appreciate where I am coming from on this.

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