Rod Blagojevich’s Cell Mate Speaks Out

24 Mar

Rod Blagojevich’s Cell Mate Speaks Out

I like Rod. He’s a charming guy. Likes to talk. Real interesting character. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t get tired of him bold face lying to me every time he uses all of our toilet paper. And once when I couldn’t find my toothbrush, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out he tried to sell it to one of the lifers for a few packs of cigarettes. Always concerned about his hair, though; even in prison. He still has that quintessential Kennedyesque feathered, dry combed over in the front politician haircut. Always fooling with it. I tell him, “Rod, there are no cameras anymore. No one but me and maybe some guards will see you today.” But he is always stressing and reminding me that “you always have to look your best.” Sometimes I wish he hadn’t been convicted so I wouldn’t have to deal with his punk ass.

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