Military Utilizes Kim Kardashian in New Recruitment Effort

24 Mar
 The military having abysmal numbers of enlistees have decided to try something new. Instead of the God, guts, and glory patriotism and serving your country and a cause greater than self angle, they have decided to sex it up a bit with what they are calling the “See Some Action to Get Some Action” campaign. Soon you will see billboards and …posters with Kim Kardashian running her hands over a male military member’s chest, wearing his cover while the caption will read, “I just love a man in uniform.” Some have questioned this marketing decision, saying that people will now join the military for the wrong reasons. When asked why the change in marketing strategy for recruitment a spokesperson for the military responded, “Why? Because fuck it; that’s why. No one wants to join the military anymore. The pay is shitty. Longer and more frequent deployments and they don’t take care of you when you get back like they used to anymore. The fact is that sex sells so we decided to put a girl with a big ass rubbing all over a soldier in our advertising and that’s the long and short of it.”

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